AJAX is a new technique and the most advanced solution for creating faster, better and more interactive web applications; it saves time of those experiencing the website. AJAX is a new technique developed by programmers using XML, JSON, and JavaScript. Ajax allows you to update the particular portion of the webpage instead of refreshing the entire web page if content needs to be changed. In our AJAX course in Delhi, you will learn making asynchronous request with JavaScript and develop a better understanding of how it actually works.

In our course, you will be able to learn how to use data APIs that will allow you to use freely accessible data in your applications. Our course provides the comprehensive and fundamental knowledge of JavaScript programming language which will help you develop dynamic and appealing websites using JavaScript. During the course, you will also gain knowledge of how to program using object model application programming for the purpose of modification and appending nodes to web documents.

Our course module has been prepared with intent to inculcate basic as well as advanced details of AJAX knowledge in you and prepare you as a sharp professional. The course will also take you through the tools for end-to-end and back-end concepts of JavaScript web development. Our experts take the complete responsibility that each student learns how to develop, test, architect and manage web services.

This Course Included Below Modules
( 6 Modules )

01) What is Ajax?

  • Traditional Synchronous Webpages
  • Ajax defined
  • XMLHttpRequest Object
  • Other Technologies Used with Ajax
  • Benefits
  • Challenges

02) Advanced JavaScript

  • Terminology
  • Variable Scope
  • Function Pointers
  • Inner Functions
  • Classes and Objects
  • Error Handling

03) Understanding HTTP

  • HTTP and Ajax
  • HTTP Message Overview
  • Client to Server Interaction
  • Methods
  • Status Codes
  • Header Fields

04) Transferring Data

  • Data Types / Protocols
  • ReadyState
  • Plain text
  • XML

05) Introduction to JQuery

  • jQuery Setup
  • Ajax Utilities
  • DOM and Event Enhancements
  • Page Rendering
  • UI Library Overview

06) Debugging

  • Error Console (Firefox and IE)
  • HTTP Inspector (Fiddler)
  • Debugging Tools
  • Test Driven Development
  • Unit Tests and QUnit
All Above Modules Included in Complete Web Development Course

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