CMS And Database

A CMS (content management system) is used to deal with the webpage page content. In broader terms, you can say, it is an application that allows you for the editing, publishing, and editing of content to a website. Our course includes all the comprehensive details of content management system and provides students with the knowledge of database concepts.

Our overall emphasis is on the idea of developing optimal database design, querying and development using DBMS installed on cloud environments and LAN. CMS comprises basically two components: the content conveyance application and content management application. On the other hand, our database includes the set of technologies and tools for working with the database systems that are popular across the globe.

In our course, you will able to learn the comprehensive knowledge of architecture of database, schema objects, and database structures. Our CMS and database course in Delhi will allow students to create and maintain various databases with ease. In our course, you will become master of scaling the database, deploying queries, sub-queries and moving it to the cloud and so on. Content management systems are used primarily to manage the publishing of informal learning content which allows content authors, content managers, and subject matter experts to modify, remove and upload the content that proves to be helpful for those who knows the use of hypertext markup language (HTML).

This Course Included Below Modules
( 5 Modules )


  • Intro to Dynamic Content
  • Intro to Webflow CMS


  • CMS Collections
  • Importing Collection Items


  • Collection List
  • Collection Page


  • Plain Text Field
  • Rich Text Field
  • Image Field
  • Video Field
  • Email Field
  • Link Field
  • Phone Field

05) Other

  • Filtering Collection Lists
  • Conditional Visibility
  • Switch Field
  • Option Field
  • Color Field
  • Reference Field
  • Multi-reference Field
All Above Modules Included in Complete Web Development Course

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