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Email is one of the powerful tools in business for connecting with people worldwide on the web. Designing email is a tedious and challenging task which may leave you all depleted till the desired outcome comes. Considering in mind the aspects that there are limited capabilities of email readers and those who regularly catch up on the email are certainly well versed with the email knowledge to a large extent, email readers support the latest trends in the web design. So, that is what our designers put an emphasis on while designing.

At king classes, our emailer design experts in Delhi put the entire focus of students towards the importance of HTML email and infuse better management towards building responsive and beautiful email campaigns. We uproot the old ideas of email programs and put a curb on the redundant coding practices. Using the dynamic and vibrant culture throughout the course and focusing on the fundamentals of designing optimal email structure with some neat tips and techniques results in the responsive HTML mail.

Our emailer design will design email that works appropriately with all the clients including Android, IOS, Window phone, Outlook, and Gmail. If you really want to become sharp and noteworthy professional in the market then it is the right place for you.

This Course Included Below Modules
( 3 Modules )

01) HTML Email Basics

  • Getting Started with HTML Email
  • Determining The Purpose of Your Email
  • Email Design Principles
  • TML Email Basics

02) Coding HTML Email

  • Coding with Limited HTML
  • Building Common Design Patterns
  • From Bricks to Building
  • Coding HTML Email

03) Designing Email with CSS

  • Styling with Limited CSS
  • Applying CSS to the Email Scaffold
  • Applying CSS to the Content Blocks
  • Designing Email with CSS
All Above Modules Included in Complete Web Design Course

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