Internship in Angular

Due to extreme competition in the market, graduates and candidate with certification course are standing in the queue of strugglers. Every business enterprise demands industry proven experience and a high level of expertise from fresher and students which they lack.

Angular is a very powerful JavaScript framework and is used in Single Page Application (SPA) projects. It extends HTML Dot with additional attributes and makes it more responsive to the user experience. It is an open source, completely free and used by developers around the world.

We at King Classes gave it a deep thought and have come up with the free internship in Angular. This internship is for those who are not getting decent jobs in spite of having a good percentage in their previous schools or institute. It will equip the candidates with the knowledge and skills required to build internet applications. Candidates will get well-planned course structure, interview preparations, 100 % practical classes and 100% job placement. This internship is not only to provide professional experience but to make you capable of getting your dream job.

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