Internship in Networking

Networking is actually transporting and exporting data between nodes over a shared medium in an information system. Networking not only includes design, construction but also includes management, maintenance, and operation of network infrastructure, software and policies.

With increased competition, getting a decent job has become a tough task. Every business enterprise demands a high level of knowledge and industrial experience which fresher and candidate with certification courses lacks.

We at Digital Classes have come up with a free internship to remove hurdles that come in promising careers of potential candidates. Here you will work with a team that connects to millions of employees for a unique and meaningful exposure. Work closely with a mentor for designing, implementing and debugging software in other languages will take you to next level of improvisation. You will learn new technologies that will be a great help in expanding your skills. Candidates will get well-planned course structure, interview preparations, 100 % practical classes and 100% job placement.

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