Java Script and JQuery

JavaScript reflects the scripting language of the web and is specifically designed to create network-centric applications with intent to make websites more interactive and eye-catching. JavaScript makes websites interactive and stands out in the market as the firm competitor as it goes beyond the standard static pages that are created and designed in HTML. On the other hand, jQuery has emerged as the most powerful tool and is the most popular JavaScript library used for implementing and designing JavaScript on web pages.

Our JavaScript and jQuery course in Delhi will help you in understanding the ins and outs of basic JavaScript and jQuery. As for JavaScript, it can easily be implemented due to its integration with HTML whereas JQuery is free and open-source software and being a popular JavaScript library, it has highest-trafficked sites on the web. Our aim is to successfully develop the sharp JavaScript and jQuery professionals.

During the course, with the help of our experts, students will be imparted the core education of JavaScript and jQuery and make them learn the use of advanced tools to add useful and effective interactivity to a website. Our instructor will introduce the concept of JavaScript program with the help of which you will be able to discover the basics of the language such as syntax, data types, and string. With jQuery, you will learn to manipulate the document object model and how events should be used to register behaviors in the web browser.

This Course Included Below Modules
( 6 Modules )

01) Introduction to JavaScript

  • JavaScript Implementations
  • JavaScript Versions
  • The script Element
  • Inline Code versus External Files
  • The no script element
  • Document Modes

02) Language Basics

  • Syntax
  • Keywords and Reserved words in JavaSript
  • Variables
  • Data Types
  • Operators
  • Statements

03) Reference Types

  • The object type
  • The Array type
  • The function tpe
  • The date type
  • The RegExp type
  • Singleton built-in objects

04) Dom Extensions and Events

  • Selectors API
  • Element Traversal
  • HTML5
  • Proprietary Extensions
  • Dom Changes
  • Styles
  • Traversals
  • Ranges
  • Event Flow
  • Event Handlers
  • The Event Object

05) Scripting Forms

  • Form Basics
  • Scripting Text Boxes
  • Scripting Select Boxes
  • Form Serialization
  • Rich Text Editing
  • The 2D context
  • WebGL
  • Browser Error Reporting
  • Error Handling
  • Debugging Techniques
  • XML DOM support in Browsers

06) Other

  • The window Object
  • The location Object
  • The Navigation Object
  • The Screen Object
  • The history Object
  • Advanced Timers
  • Xpath Support in Browsers
  • Advanced Functions
  • Tamper Proof Objects
  • Event types
  • Memory and Performance
All Above Modules Included in Complete Web Development Course

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