Landing Page Design

Landing page is undoubtedly the cornerstone of the optimal lead generation strategy. Our comprehensive course will take you through the basic and advanced level of how to create a good landing page design. At king classes, our landing page design course in Delhi helps you build an effective land page. Whatever your objective is with regard to boosting up your business, whether it is pertaining to how to attract your visitors to buy a product or take another action and going for signing up the newsletters. Our well-designed landing page can turn out to be a powerful tool of persuasion for you. Our industry experts will teach you the fundamental principles of exceptional landing page design.

We understand the efforts required for making a good landing page. It is a standalone page designed only for one purpose that is to compel the visitors to take specific action over the page, this is the reason, creating a good landing page design is a difficult task to undertake. We, in our entire training module, ensure that our students learn the values of land page design and change drastically the course of your business. Our students learn here some of the basic elements of design such as visual cues, compelling headlines and social proof followed by which your conversion rate increases and your visitors turn into customers.

This Course Included Below Modules
( 4 Modules )

01) Creating Web Pages

  • Create Web Page Documents
  • Apply Edge Web Fonts
  • Create Styles and Selectors
  • Format a Web Page with CSS

02) Tables and Importing Content

  • Insert and Manage Images
  • Construct Table Tags and Properties
  • Import External Data
  • Other

03) Other

  • Create Reusable Site Assets
  • Create and Use Page Templates
  • Create Common Hyperlinks to Site Pages
  • Create Links to Page Locations

04) Logo Design

All Above Modules Included in Complete Web Design Course

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