Core PHP

PHP is a comprehensive training program that makes you perfect with the extensive practice in coding of web applications. This is one of the most used programming languages in the present time used effectively to build dynamic web applications. We strongly believe that to become the maestro of PHP programming, the course materials must be effective and brimming with advanced programming tools and techniques in order to prepare a robust professional in the field of digital marketing. PHP is undoubtedly the powerful language for server-side logic with a blend of solid scripting language. Keeping this aspect in mind, we provide the best PHP training course in Delhi so that students in the virtual market are able to develop dynamic websites, web applications, and data-driven projects

Our experts provide the hands-on practice and give you the basic as well as advanced details of PHP. Our course introduces PHP syntax and its framework and covers all the aspects of important techniques that are helpful to build dynamic websites. Not only this, our training program entails different module for PHP and equips the students with advanced tools and techniques. There is the dissemination of technological advancements nowadays in every platform and with the continuously changing programming platforms; PHP has become the need of leaning due to its web-application development worldwide.

This Course Included Below Modules
( 6 Modules )

01) Core PHP

  • Why PHP and MySQL?
  • Server-Side Scripting in PHP Overview
  • Get Started with PHP
  • Learning PHP Syntax and Variables
  • Datatypes and References
  • Learning PHP Control Structures
  • Passing Information with PHP
  • Learning PHP String Handling

02) Advanced PHP

  • Advanced Array Functions in PHP
  • Examining Regular Expressions
  • Working with the File System in PHP
  • Working with Cookies and Sessions of PHP
  • Learning PHP Types
  • Learning PHP Advanced Functions
  • Performing Math with PHP
  • Securing PHP

03) Object-Oriented Programming Concept

  • Class vs Object
  • PHP Class
  • Visibility
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Encapsulation
  • Abstraction
  • Interface vs Abstract class

04) MySQL Best Practices

  • Backing up Database from MySQL- MySQL dump Constraint
  • Data Modelling – Planning, Analysis for Creating a Successful Database
  • Normalization – The best way to Code for a professional Database Structure

05) MySQL Basics

  • Introducing Database and MySQL
  • Learning Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Integrating PHP and MySQL
  • Performing Database Queries
  • Integrating Web Forms and Databases
  • MySQL Arithmetic Operators
  • Numeric Comparison Operators of MySQL

06) Querying Your Data

  • Sorting, Grouping, Retrieved Data
  • Limiting Numbers of Results
  • Joining Tables (Inner Join, Left Join, Right Join, Join etc.)
  • More on Joining Tables
  • Data Aggregation- sum(), avg(), max(), min(), count(), first(), last(), ucase(), lcase(), mid(), len(), round(), format() etc.
All Above Modules Included in Complete Web Development Course

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