PHP Training 6 Month

PHP is most commonly used server-side open-source scripting language best suited to web development. It is used to power both websites and blogs, and can also be embedded into HTML. Running on over 250 million websites on PHP makes it a must for all aspiring web developers.

We at King Classes have come up with 6 months Industrial Training in PHP. Here candidates work on live PHP scenarios, understands the writing of scripts for corporate functions and gaining confidence about web development tasks. Candidates will get well-planned course structure. Various language constructor concepts like constants & variables and PHP data types are introduced. This training makes the concepts like types of operators; associative, indexed & mixed array declaration; file handling; and MySQL tasks clearer in candidates mind.

This course includes 4 modules

Introduction to PHP
Handling HTML form with PHP
Coding Basics
Advance PHP

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This Course Included Below Modules
( 4 Modules )

01) Introduction to PHP

  • Evaluation of PHP
  • Basic Syntax
  • PHP Data type
  • Operator and Expression

02) Handling Html Form With PHP

  • Capturing Form Data
  • Dealing with Multi-value filed
  • Generating File uploaded form
  • Redirecting a form after submission

03) Coding Basics

  • Decisions and loop
  • Function
  • String
  • Array

04) Advance PHP.

  • Introduction to OOPS
  • Exception Handling
  • Framework- Cake PHP
  • All Frameworks and CMS

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