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Looking for the best Youtube Marketing Training Course in Delhi???

Youtube Marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies as it is used by every age group. Anything that one can think of is available on Youtube. Millions of targeted customers can be reached at the lowest cost with the help of this well-known marketing tool.

King digital is one of the Best Youtube Marketing institutes in Delhi. Here we train those aspiring candidates who are willing to become an expert in this tool. Our expert professionals will teach you the tact and tricks to drive more traffic, how to create brand awareness and how to get visibility on the internet. Developing Youtube campaigns and techniques to increase subscribers will also be a part of Youtube Marketing Course Delhi. Youtube Marketing training will let you practicing Youtube marketing rules and regulations that will give you exposure to working in a real working environment. Candidates at King Classes become the best marketers after successfully completing this course.

Best Youtube Marketing Institute in Delhi

Youtube is one of the most used platforms by all ages. Increasing fame of this marketing tool at quite an impressive pace has attracted a large number of students to choose it as their career. Youtube Marketing is a powerful tool that can give you exposure and new ideas for your business leading in driving more lead and sales.

King Classes have come up with an extensive and Best Youtube Marketing Institute in Delhi. Our experts at Youtube Marketing Course in Delhi will help you incorporate videos into a marketing strategy. How to build and implement a successful strategy, how to create brand awareness, how to set up a channel and how to convert leads from Youtube into sales are also part of Youtube Marketing Training. We will make candidates experts building a strategic plan for Youtube video marketing by themselves.

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This Course Included Below Modules
( 9 Modules )

01) Introduction

  • What is Youtube?
  • Why Youtube is important for a business?
  • How does Youtube Videos Affects your business?
  • Creating an Account
  • Setting Up a Youtube Brand Account
  • Manage Permissions

02) Video Scripting

  • Define your goal
  • Create a storyboard and write the lines
  • Decide on additional multimedia elements
  • Determine the video length
  • Pick a filming location (or multiple)
  • Six Essential Tips for Shooting Quality Video

03) Essential Tips for Shooting Quality Video

  • Use a tripod
  • Set your camera to manual mode
  • Shoot from different angles and distances
  • Film more than you think you need
  • Introduce motion
  • Use a good microphone

04) Create Videos for Youtube

  • Eight Types of Youtube Videos to Create
  • Customer testimonials
  • On-demand product demonstration videos
  • Explainer and tutorial videos
  • Thought leader interviews
  • Project reviews and case studies
  • Youtube Live
  • Video blogs
  • Event videos

05) Editing Your Video Content

  • Tools and Software
  • Video Thumbnails
  • Watermarks
  • Music & Sound Effects

06) Youtube Videos Optimization

  • Title
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Category
  • Thumbnail
  • SRT Files (Subtitles & Closed Captions)
  • Cards and End Screens (Annotations)
  • Playlists

07) Video Marketing

  • Social Media
  • Blog Posts and Website
  • Email
  • Q&A Sites
  • Collaborate With Others
  • Engage With Viewers

08) Youtube Advertising (Paid)

  • Google Ads (Only Video Ads)

09) Youtube Analytics

  • Determine Your Goal
  • Key Metrics to Track
  • Watch Time and Audience Retention
  • Traffic Sources
  • Demographics
  • Engagement Reports

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